This course program is meant for students who are looking for an immense experience in VFX. There are action sequences, natural environments and supernatural occurrences which are merged beautifully to create realistic backgrounds. All this is being taught in this advanced program which focuses on overall skill development in VFX as per the VFX workflow. The program revolves around the foundation course, core VFX and then comes the editing and final show reel part. Students willing to gain knowledge in Audio/Video editing, should opt for the editing and show reel modules to put up their best work in creating a full VFX movie with sound.

Program Content

  • Creating Images – Basics
  • Sketching Essentials
  • Creating Images- Intermediate
  • Pre Production
  • Color Key & Matte Painting
  • Script to Screen
Core- 3D Animation

3D Asset

  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Shading & Texturing
  • 3D Lighting and Rendering
  • Environmental 3D Modeling
Core- 3D Animation


  • Rigging for 3D Asset
  • Animation for 3D Asset
  • 3D VFX Dynamics, Effects, Fluid, Particles
  • 3D VFX Magix
  • 3D VFX Fluid Simulation
  • 3D VFX Lighting and Look Development
  • 3Rendering
  • Ray Tracing Renderer

Core- 3D Animation

Advance VFX

  • VFX Chroma Keying
  • VFX Roto & Paint
  • VFX Match Moving
  • Advanced VFX Match Moving
  • Audio Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Final Show reel
VFX & Compositing
  • VFX Compositing concepts
  • Cinematography
  • VFX Layer Based Compositing
  • VFX Node Based Compositing

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