Advance Course in VFX

We offered advanced course in VFX that not only provide you a knack of VFX fundamentals but also its most advanced techniques. So, if you are planning to enter into VFX industry, then enroll in this course and gear up to use advanced tools as well as technologies & get an entire understanding of the new-age technology.

With our high-end VFX courses, you can equip yourself with the desired dexterity to transform an ordinary scene to extraordinary imagery. An advanced course in VFX will train you in a way to make you aware of the modern techniques & tools that enables you to create something that seems impossible to achieve.

The ones who want to do an advanced course in VFX can have a comprehensive understanding of VFX technology once they enroll in this course. Students get much deftness after taking up this course that enables them to accomplish complex projects in an easy way.

The advanced course in VFX helps you break the advanced concepts of VFX for the sake of smart learning and to leverage projects to produce high-quality work from your side.

VFX Advance Course Module


Advance VFX

  • VFX Chroma Keying
  • VFX Roto & Paint
  • VFX Match Moving
  • Advanced VFX Match Moving
  • Audio Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Final Show reel


  • Creating Images – Basics
  • Sketching Essentials
  • Creating Images- Intermediate
  • Pre Production
  • Color Key & Matte Painting
  • Script to Screen

Core – 3D VFX

  • Rigging for 3D Asset
  • Animation for 3D Asset
  • 3D VFX Dynamics, Effects, Fluid, Particles
  • 3D VFX Magix
  • 3D VFX Fluid Simulation
  • 3D VFX Lighting and Look Development
  • 3Rendering
  • Ray Tracing Renderer

Core- 3D Animation

  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Shading & Texturing
  • 3D Lighting and Rendering
  • Environmental 3D Modeling

5VFX & Compositing

  • VFX Compositing concepts
  • Cinematography
  • VFX Layer Based Compositing
  • VFX Node Based Compositing

Career Opportunities in VFX industry

Layout Artist

Compositing Artist

Lighting Artist

Rendering Artist

Roto Artist

Match Mover Artist

Student Testimonials

“No. 1 Institute in Delhi-NCR for those who want to make their career in animation and VFX. All faculties and the way they teach are awesome. A campus where we can sit and do the practice of the software’s and it is the Institute we can enhance our creativity”

Suraj Thapa

3D Artist
Oxygen to Innovation

“The best institution I have ever find and great experience with Reliance Education Noida. A perfect place for those who are seeking for skills and knowledge of art and IIIustrations and VFX and graphics, 2d animation & 3d animation and lot more.”

Abhishek Rawat

3D Animator
Oxygen to innovation

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