When you mix images to make them look like real and blend it accordingly with other parts of an image or to a screenplay and do it with help of tools to enhance visual appearance is known as VFX technology. Visual effects (VFX) unite live-action footage with special computer images to create a special environment.

Experts and educators in the field of animation are of the opinion –“A good editing course in VFX can help you gain expertise in these VFX techniques and one should carefully look into the course structure and what is offered in it. All reputed institutes in Delhi and Noida cover in details the main techniques to create images with VFX.

Look into the main techniques taught in most of the institutes:-

1. Chrome Keying in VFX Animation

Chrome keying is the concept where two images are layered together and a color range of the top layer is made transparent. The second layer thus becomes visible and the layers merger together and appear as one single image. A good video editing course will help you practice the technique more deeply until you attain perfection in it.

2. Rotoscoping

Rotoscoping sounds very technical and actually explains the technicality that coverts a live video footage to animation and divided into frames. Each frame is then prepared for animation through tracing, painting of frame and applying effects to the frames to bring out the characters in it. All these are properly taught by expert minds through live demonstrations.

3. Matte Painting

The matte painting technique uses two or more images which are combined to create a final single image. Here the foreground image and the background image can be merged together to create something which is entirely different but complies with the final result that is needed. Your course should very well cover this aspect of VFX.

The VFX courses gives the learner the possibility to use technology and the techniques as mentioned above to bring forward something unique that no one has ever seen or created. An ordinary picturesque image can get very exciting colors and unique amalgamation of different backgrounds to create something which looks good and appealing to the eyes.

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