In India, a majority of students are hell-bent on pursuing jobs rather than continuing with their higher studies. Since they are bamboozled about opting for the best course in order to kick-start their career, they end up enrolling into the courses that are of no use to them.
But now all their worries come to a halt as they can choose short-term job-oriented courses that have grown into a new fad among the youth lately. Doing these courses just help their careers get going which is why these courses have innumerable takers all over the country. These courses have certainly come to the rescue of the ones who want a creative and high satisfying job.
For the ones who are blissfully unaware of short-term job-oriented courses, the following course-related information is of much value:-


Digital Filmmaking (DFM)

Being rightly considered as a warm-up course, Digital Film Making course’s aim is to prepare the students to foray into the entertainment industry. After doing this course, the students will get an insight into the vital film-making concepts along with a proper orientation on varied software like After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Sound booth etc. Generally, DFM courses are offered for six months and they provide a strong emphasis on different concepts of filmmaking such as pre-production, filmmaking concepts, clay animation, and digital design. The curriculum of job-oriented courses is crafted keeping in mind the student’s probable future inclination towards any section of animation such as Rigging, Modeling, Lighting and Visual Effects. The long and short of all this is that once a student is done with his digital filmmaking basic program, he can choose to undergo expert training by enrolling into more in-depth digital film-making courses. In fact, digital filmmaking course is a perfect launch-pad for your animation career that can lead you to your career high.


Graphics and Web Design Courses

Graphics and Web Design courses are extensively popular as they offer valuable insight to the learners about the most fundamental concepts concerned with visual communication. They are not only good for the beginners but also for the professionals carrying basic graphic and web design concepts with them. These short-term courses are just in sync with the budget of the candidates which is why they are highly demanded in the market. Our graphics and web design courses can let you explore your unexplored creativity and prepares you to become a seasoned graphics or web designer. After undergoing this course, the students can design an editorial design, illustration, game interface design, web interface design, publication design and websites.

These job career-oriented courses prepare the learners to get the job role of graphics or web designers in big IT companies. However, currently, a good amount of web/graphics designers are also working as freelancers.

Maya Pro

Another job-oriented course is Maya Pro that solely focuses on providing knowledge to the students a range of techniques such as lighting, FX & animation, rigging, modeling and texturing by using Autodesk Maya™. The course also focuses on providing knowledge of digital sculpting techniques to the students by using Autodesk Mudbox™. The course has an estimated duration of 8 months and covers several aspects of animation such as 3 D design and modeling, CG lighting, character setup, and skinning, digital sculpting, character animation, and specialization etc. Students can also opt for a specialized course once they complete this course.


In this competitive age, short-term job-oriented courses are a big respite to the ones who have a tight budget. Those who are creative at heart and possess a desire to do creative yet high earning jobs can choose any short course as per their requirements. Students who do such short-term courses can be assigned job roles such as web designer, 2D/3D animators, designers, pre & post production executives and graphic designers in prominent animation studios as well as entertainment companies.