What might be more rewarding than making a career in animation? As the animation industry is progressing at a fast pace, it is unquestionably the most alluring career option in the entertainment industry. With animation films’ getting roaring success worldwide, animation techniques are extensively used far and wide. However, animation is not only used in the films but also in other industries as well. Corporate industries also go on using animation in advertising their products & services in order to amplify their business ROI.

With that being said, it is apparent that animation is not going to lose its sheen in the coming years. So, this can be a great option for the ones who possess a creative bent of mind and want to show their creative deftness to the world.

Students who are confused over choosing animation as a career can get right answers through the reasons mentioned below:-

Career in Animation

1) Burgeoning Field
As the animation field is an ever-growing field, this career option is in a high demand. Many small and big companies are looking to hire the best animators that can contribute to their company’s success. Animation is future and that’s why it has many takers. As a little bit of animation is used in every kind of business, choosing a career in animation is certainly justified. This means that there is unlimited scope in this field and your career is safe.

2) Showcase Your Skills on a Global Platform
Working as an animator brings you a lot of perks! First and foremost benefit you might be availing is that all your creative talent is seen by everyone across the globe. As websites have a global presence, it is highly improbable that your work is easily seen by anyone from every corner of the world. MNCs who use your animation video post this video to their social media channels. So, these videos can be easily visible by anyone.

3) Easily Comprehensible
Learning animation is not a herculean task! Yes, really! All you require is a computer system and a reliable internet connection. That’s it! You can go on subscribing an animation course and make a regular practice of learning your course online. Apart from that, you can also try learning animation through YouTube videos that may be much feasible for you as in that way you won’t need to pay anything for your learning. If you really think of pursuing a career in animation, first you need to become hard-working as hard work is a key to become a great animator.

4) Higher Salary
Students having confusion in picking a career in animation find much to delight in knowing about the higher paychecks that come along with the animation career. In India, a fresher animator can get from Rs. 10,000-Rs. 15000 in the beginning. However, with 3-5 years of experience, they can go up to Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000. In foreigner countries too, the paycheck is high for animators which is the reason why students are mad over animation courses.

5) Satiate your innate Creative Talent
Many times, people end up choosing professions that are totally different from their favorite hobby or pastime. Many instances are there where one is good at the sketch in his young age and he ends up being an engineer. But animation is one such career which lets you pursue your inner creative talent while getting a handsome salary for that. In that manner, you would be satisfying your creative hunger by doing your favorite work.

6) Open your Startup
Once you have a knack of all the required techniques and know-how of animation, you can go for opening your own startup where you can keep your staff and take up the projects. Many animators with a strong experience in animation have gone on starting their own company. So, there is a good chance that you will be able to run your company after getting hands-on experience in animation.

7) Get a Foray into Film Industry
With big-budget animation films coming your way, you might have sometimes thought of making these films yourself. People who catch a fancy of these films are ready to do anything to create these unbelievable & catchy scenes. Animators have a fanciful job and great technical skills that can help them getting entry into the film industry. If you too love animation films and want to become a part of them, then animation is the best career option for you.

Although, there are many reasons to pick a career in animation, yet it’s up to you whether you want to do an animator or not. If your creative talent requires exposure, then opt for a career in animation and pursue a course in animation or degree from a reputed animation institute. and enter in this path-breaking career of animation.