Animation has been around for a long time, and it has radically improved and changed over the last two decades. Today animation is a blend of art and technology, and we have both 2D as well as 3D animation, which is useful for both entertainment and education.

Animation industry has seen a dramatic growth for the last 10 or 15 years. Today’s animation industry is experiencing frequent changes, which is solely for its betterment.

In recent years, many youngsters like to go for animation courses just because they are much enthralled by this industry. The mounting popularity of 3D animation films has attracted a lot of students to this industry.
An animation career demands endless creative efforts from you but what you are going to get after such creative efforts are sometimes overwhelming.

An animation career demands endless creative efforts from you but what you are going to get after such creative efforts are sometimes overwhelming.

Although there are many reasons to opt for a 3D animation career, yet here are a few following key reasons to watch out for:-

1). 3D Animation used in Every Business

Today everything goes digital! And a high-quality technology, such as 3D animation technology has slipped into our life so stealthily that we start taking life that way. Although the 3D animation industry is not new yet it has been very helpful for flourishing your business.

If we see clearly we can find 3D animation being used in diverse sectors today in the form of cartoons, and games etc. The sole purpose of all this is just to solidify the user base of a business.

A career in 3D animation is worthwhile as you are likely to witness a huge boom in your business by bringing an extra depth to your story or design. So, if you are very good at animation, employers will always look for you to due to your talent.

2). 3D animation- A Growing Field

3D animation is a growing field and is highly demanded in the market. Due to its popularity, many animation institutes have come into existence that offers best courses for the students. After doing a 3D animation course from these institutes, one can work in different sectors such as the film industry, architecture industry, medicine industry, the law industry etc.

A career in 3D animation is always fruitful and with the animation industry growing at a rapid rate. Students who pursue animation courses from the best institutes not only work in the film industry, but also in a large number of businesses.

3). Get your Creative freedom

The animation is a pure art form and there are a lot more techniques to learn for an animator. Even if you are an expert in animation techniques, you will get to learn lots of techniques while working on a project. If you are planning to make a career in animation, you would really be able to satisfy your innate creative pursuits to express your ideas.

If you really wish to explore and master animation techniques, then make sure to enroll in a specialized animation course that can offer you a cutting edge over others. Be serious about taking your animation career forward, & think of enrolling into one of the leading animation schools in your area.

4). Lots of Jobs Available

Learning 3D animation is always rewarding as there are lots of jobs for the animators. The top employer of this industry is the gaming industry that provides a great package to the animators. In addition to the good availability of jobs, students are also placed at good companies. So, if you have chosen 3D animation as a career, you have definitely taken a wise step for your career.

5). Showcase your talent to the world

Choosing an animation career can connect your art to the global audience as you are not working for a local market but your created videos will be shared across the world. So you will have an opportunity to prove your talent to the world. Today, multinational companies advertise their products/services on their social media platforms. So your animated videos will be shared with a larger audience which paves the way for global recognition of your videos.

6). 3D Animation in Gaming/strong>

Today, 3D animation is widely used in creating high-end games. They make the games even more impressive for gamers. So animation has a great scope with making 3D games. Whoever is more fascinated with game designing can choose 3D animation as a career. As there is a lot of requirement for 3D game designers, you will never run out of the best opportunities in this field.

7. Different Job Roles
If you go for a career in 3D animation, you will be able to pick a number of different job roles such as Layout Artist, 3D Modeler, Clean-Up Artist, character animator, compositor, Key Frame Animator, Special Effect Artist, lighting artist, Rendering Artist etc.