According to VFX supervisor on Jurassic World. “Jurassic Park was a huge leap forward, everyone recognized it. It was a milestone in the switch over to the computer realm.” A movie that brought into life a bygone era that creates havoc when coming into terms with the real world and most obvious meeting humans. The herbivorous where fine but T-Rex were carnivorous creatures and could resist human flesh. The production team used their learning of VFX animation course to the level of perfection. How it was done is explainer further in the write-up.

The Cloning

It was a very different story… and with VFX it came into action to make you see the extinct creatures living a life of imagination of the human. It was about the person who did the cloning, operating alone and in secret. It just wasn’t satisfactory. What you really wanted in a story like this was to have a sort of natural environment in which people and dinosaurs could come together. You wanted the thing that never happened in history- the people in the forest and swamps at the same time as dinosaurs. Once that notion began to dictate how the story would proceed, then everything else fell into place, because there are certain things that I wanted to avoid, like the dinosaurs in New York City – that’s been done.

The Top Half of T-Rex

The top half of the T-Rex was an airplane flight simulator and this in addition to radio-control, cable-actuation, and computer-governed hydraulics, Stan Winston’s crew came up with the idea of strapping the top half of the T-Rex to a flight simulator. This was possible only through VFX courses and a detailed study of the subject matter.

The Kitchen Scene

There were special effects designers hiding and playing their act under their elaborate costumes made at the famed Stan Winston effects studio. The hungry raptors in the scene were actually played by special-effects designers inside. As described in the video below, the suits were developed using what the shop called “garbage bag” models, a process that began when they built an entire queen Xenomorph prototype out of a garbage bag during the pre-production of 1986′s Aliens.

The production also used digital technology for a simpler, but equally vital task that is removing the reflections of the crew from all those shiny metal counters. The scene actually makes great use of the reflective surfaces when Lex struggles to shut the door of a small cubby she’s hiding in as a raptor is charging her way. Luckily, while the dinosaur has adapted to door handles, it hasn’t yet learned about mirrors, and it winds up smashing head-first into the shiny cabinet opposite Lex’s hide-out.

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