CGI or computer-generated imagery is commonplace in the world of movies and to make it look real VFX is used that extensively uses the CGI concept. Before going any further it is important to note what CGI actually means. It is everything from characters and images and If not used correctly, then the characters would look really funny and animation will be something very challenging.

The dynamic CGI is rendered as a movie and computer-generated imagery is used which is created through computer graphics. Such high availability of this software has made it possible for small-scale production companies to indulge in the professional creation of animated movies and some highly skill-oriented motion graphics. It is quite in demand as the movie industry is incorporating most of it in film shots to create greater appeal. Fine art and motion graphics can also be created easily through home computers and also by freelance artists. As per certain facts “The evolution of CGI led to the emergence of virtual cinematography in the 1990s where runs of the simulated camera are not constrained by the laws of physics.”

CGI is the application of computer graphics that creates and contributes to images used in art, printed media, and television programs, short films in animation, 3D computer graphics, commercials, films and simulators. Although CGI refers to 3D visualization through computer graphics used for creating scenes or special effects, but the visual scenes can also include both static and dynamic images along with two dimensional (2D) images. Usually known as the traditional animation which is bound by hand has drawn images using a pen tablet or a mouse, 2D brings into light computer-generated imagery.

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