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VFX in Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’

Disney made the Jungle Book with the fantasies coming into light. According to experts, every shot in the movie was like a science project because the team had to figure out how to make things look exact and realistic, per Jon Favreau’s direction. Everything needed to feel like a real shot and a real lens.

The […]

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CGI Concept for Life Like Animations

CGI or computer-generated imagery is commonplace in the world of movies and to make it look real VFX is used that extensively uses the CGI concept. Before going any further it is important to note what CGI actually means. It is everything from characters and images and If not used correctly, then the characters would […]

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VFX Courses – The Essentials and the Course Structure

Animation institutes rely on the fact that an intensive career in VFX will help build up a sound foundation starting from the basic, then going into pre-production, production and post-production course levels. Animation institutes have a course structure which is carefully planned to shape the overall career of an aspirant of VFX. There is a […]

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More Questions on 3D Animation- The Checklist

There can be more questions arising in an aspirant’s mind on how to go ahead with the 3D animation field he or she is so eagerly waiting for a breakthrough. When it comes to 3D animation, it’s important to have the technical skills. Of course, the computer doesn’t create great animations automatically; the animator does. […]

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3D Animation Courses –Career in Motion Graphics

3D animation is a technology that helps an animator to design and create amazing motion graphics in 3D. This motion graphics technology is widely used and is spread across different business verticals be it in the field of information technology, advertising, video production, video gaming and more.


3D visualization and motion graphics training is very beneficial […]

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VFX Animation –The Course Structure

When you mix images to make them look like real and blend it accordingly with other parts of an image or to a screenplay and do it with help of tools to enhance visual appearance is known as VFX technology. Visual effects (VFX) unite live-action footage with special computer images to create a special environment.

Experts […]

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3D Animation- Better Courses for Brighter Careers

How can you narrate a story? The obvious answer will be by drawing it out on paper or narrating it by actually telling the story virtually through 3D animation. Animated video in 3D can actually narrate a story in the most interactive manner through animation. Animation has become a part of the consumerist culture and […]

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A career in 3D Animation- The Checklist

Are you aiming to make a head start in 3D animation? It will help you in developing projects for different fields of business like architecture, television, video gaming development and visual effects. What you need is a substantial training and in-depth knowledge of both 2D and 3D animation courses.

A career in 3D animation

What Kind of […]

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Animation Institutes – Building up Careers in Animation

It was in the year 1956 that Clair Weeks was invited to India to become the first trainer in animation. Clair had hands-on experience of working in the motion picture Bambi and has trained a core group of Indian animators. John Lasseter who was successful in directing the ‘Toy Story’ series where the ‘zoetrope’, a […]

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Best Courses in Animation & VFX in 2018

There is an animation institute in Noida that garners the potential of students to proficiently develop them into 3D animation and compositing experts and also giving them full guidance in 3D character animation. The mentors in this institute give individual focus on each student to carefully analyze their key potential areas and not […]

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