Animation industry has come up to the next level. Really! We all have been a witness to the incessant upsurge of animated movies that has radically changed the level of entertainment. Today, we have many great animators that can breathe life out of caricatured characters to the extent that they seem so real. Nowadays, there is no dearth of expert animators that have created magic through their animation skills in television and movie industry.

Animation industry, in fact, is meant for the ones who own an inner creative being that drives them to explore their creative cravings along with gaining heavy payouts out of that. Like every industry, the animation industry too has many job roles to offer. Let’s take a look at the top 5 career opportunities for animators which are as follows:-

Career Opportunities for Animators

1) Storyboard Artist

storyboard artist

Once an idea is born and a catchy script is made out of it, it’s time for a storyboard artist to take over the project. He is accountable for perfectly sketching the storyboard that puts forward a particular scene in a sequence of actions. The storyboard artist has many tasks to be finalized including backgrounds, character postures & facial expressions. He makes the best use of software such as Storyboard Pro and Photoshop while he is at work.

2) 2D & 3D Animator

3d animator

One of the top career opportunities for animators is 2D & 3D animation that brings life to a character as an animator need to draw every character dexterously by employing a lot of useful programs. 3D animators, though, has much crucial work to do as their job is to show every character in a realistic tone. They have to add width and depth to a character as well as its movements. However 3D animators can make changes very easily unlike 2D animators.

3) Modeler

animator modelor

An animation modeler’s work is to make 3D computer modeling of a particular character, hard surface models & environment. A modeler can create nearly everything that displays on screen right from props and environments to the whole set as per the production needs. They ensure the relevancy of a design element for the animation and seek alternative solutions as per the vision of the director.

4) Rigging Artist


New entrants in the animation industry can also take up the job of a rigging artist who is responsible for giving a realistic touch to a character by designing as well as maintaining an efficient rig. With the help of a rigging technique, the rigging artist adds bones in a body and covers it with the skin. He has to coordinate with the modeler to ensure the required movement of a character’s body.

Many animators are asked to do different tasks such as modeling, rigging and animating the characters single-handedly. So it is better to get a knowhow of all these skills as that will help you get far ahead of your competitors.

5) Compositors

animator compositors

Compositors work towards the end of the production process and create the final image after merging each layer of already created materials. Compositors are mainly responsible for providing continuity and increasing the flow of the project that makes one of the most sought-after candidates in the industry.

There is no denying that animation has a huge scope not in India but across the globe. Considering the unprecedented boom of this industry, an animator can choose any one of the job roles described above as per his liking and requirements. India, with its bunch of highly experienced animators, is surely going to witness a continuous boom in this industry that will pave the way for much creative and captivating animation movies in the coming years.