According to John Lasseter (director of Toy Story), the zoetrope stand as the best instance, which can be used to best describe the way animation works. It is best explained through ‘The zoetrope’ which is a cylindrical device with images and it shows movement when spun around, just like a flip book. This was one of the oldest forms of motion picture animation that people were interested in earlier times. This trend of grabbing attention through animation is even continued today and has shown advancement with the use of 3D animation in it.

Did you know it was in the year 1956, that Disney Studios animator Clair Weeks, was invited to Films Division of India in Mumbai to establish and train the country’s first animation. Clair, who had earlier worked on the motion picture Bambi, started the studio as part of the American technical co-operation mission. He trained a core group of Indian animators, whose first production was a film called The Banyan Deer (1957). Veteran animator Ram Mohan started his career at Films Division’s Cartoon Unit.

If you are interested in 3D art and visualization course then at first you should know about the basic and the fundamentals that you require to study first. This type of art uses CGI (Computer generated image) technology that helps in the creation of animation frames. The students know more than what they expect because 3D gives optimum scope where a story is told, knowledge is being shared and a social message is conveyed very effectively.

Animation institutes have the best infrastructure, putting into use high-performance computer systems, tools and software to work with, Wacom tablets and unique workspaces for students. The students get full freedom to explore the world of 3D and sharpen his skills and creativity. There are professional instructors with specialized skills in their relevant fields with an innovative and personalized approach to teaching the craft and the use of animation software for creating lifelike animations in 3D. The instructors are not only well-trained teachers but people providing strong infrastructural support and do all possible effort to give a new dimension to the students’ abilities.