It was in the year 1956 that Clair Weeks was invited to India to become the first trainer in animation. Clair had hands-on experience of working in the motion picture Bambi and has trained a core group of Indian animators. John Lasseter who was successful in directing the ‘Toy Story’ series where the ‘zoetrope’, a cylindrical device with images was shown as spinning around like a flip book and was known as the oldest form of motion picture animation.

An animation is a technology that is grabbing worldwide attention. It uses still images which are then put together one after another in separate frames and are played on in fast speed to give the illusion of movement. Most animations are played at a speed of twenty-four to sixty images every second.

Go for the Best Animation Institute that will give wings to your dreams and show you the right way to chase it and build up a career in animation. According to Nascomm, the animation industry is the fastest growing industry and is expected to grow 22 percent each year. An animation is something that involves manipulations in drawings and creating it frame by frame with one frame appearing at a time.

Animation institutes are the best medium today to get to know about the basics of animation and move further in learning the core concepts and then moving forward to take up advanced animation courses in VFX and 3D animation. The institutes put into use high-performance computer systems, tools and software to work with, Wacom tablets and unique workspaces for students. Animation can be many types the one where each frame is drawn, uses stop-motion to make a model scene and change it to create a new image or frame and thirdly a method that uses the computer to create eye-catchy graphics.

The students get the freedom to explore sharpen their skills and creativity. The professional employed by institutes aim towards polishing the overall skills of the students and also learning animation in 3D. To get to know more about the subject matter in animation and learn from a unique the instructors are not only well-trained teachers but people providing strong infrastructural support and do all possible effort to give a new dimension to the students’ abilities.

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