Well, it won’t be wrong if we declare this age to be the age of animation technology! With the increasing number of animation and VFX films, more and more people are interested in learning this technology. Young students after passing their 10th or 12th classes are in search of a high-paying career and stops to find animation as the best career according to their requirements.

Individuals looking for creative jobs in advertising, technical or animation sector can go for VFX & animation programs to express their long-hidden innate desires. A student pursuing this course has great career opportunities waiting for them to explore in different fields related to technology and entertainment.

Talented animation artists have no dearth of great and exciting opportunities as they are highly sought after the animation companies. With the increasingly expanding market, there is an ever-growing demand for passionate & talented CGI artists & 3D animators.

The candidates who enroll in VFX & animation course can get acquainted with a number of aspects related to animation, graphics designing, cartoons, animation, etc. The ones who pursue this course will be able to apply diverse methods and tools to create high quality animated visuals and graphics for movies and games etc.

For the ones who need to know the course concepts of animation & vfx courses, they can refer to the following information:-

VFX Course Details

1) 3D Modeling

3D modeling is known to be a computer graphics technique that is used for creating a 3D digital representation of any surface or object. An artist makes the use of software and manipulates the points in vertices for the formation of the mesh. The 3D objects are generated automatically or they can also be created in a manual manner by the act of deforming the mesh.

2) Cinematography

Cinematography for VFX is helpful for the students to know the principles relate to cinematography for VFX. Students learn the lighting concepts, camera moving concepts, technicalities related to the capturing of the video and also the perspective through which we see as well as understand our world.

3) VFX Chroma Keying

VFX Chroma Keying is a technique that is used in the post-production stage for superimposing the images as well as videos on the image/ video stream that is based on the hues. It makes a chosen range of colors foreground ‘transparent’ that lets insertion of a filmed piece of the image of footage in the chosen area.

Animation Course Detail

1) 3D Character Development

3D character development is all about the concepts, methods & tools of character rigging. In this course concept, the students learn as to how to develop a character. Students are trained to create any character in 3D character development concept as per their choice. Some of the types of characters the students can make are soldiers, mythological creatures, fantasy heroes, animals etc. Students can get complete training in this course about the character development that helps them design & animate their own characters.

2) 3D digital Sculpting

3D sculpting, also known as 3D digital sculpting is a technique in which the artist works on sculpting a 3D object on the system with the help of a material that resembles digitized clay. The artist uses software with the tools and brush that pushes, smoothes and pinches that helps him in creating detailed sculpt that is similar to real life objects and textures.

3) Layer Based Compositing

Students who enroll in the animation course learn layer-based compositing in the course that puts the video layers on each other. The benefit of doing it is that your software starts to look just like your editing software (NLE). It has a timeline, where each video possesses his track.

Apart from the above-mentioned course concepts; there are many other concepts that are taught to the students. A VFX and animation course comprises of several key concepts that are important to understanding to get a foray into the growing field of animation.