3D animation is a technology that helps an animator to design and create amazing motion graphics in 3D. This motion graphics technology is widely used and is spread across different business verticals be it in the field of information technology, advertising, video production, video gaming and more.


3D visualization and motion graphics training is very beneficial for an aspirant who is introduced to the latest software used for 3D creation. The student is taught how to use Z-Brush for 3D sculpting, Autodesk 3DS Max for architectural pre-visualization in 3D, the Houdini software to create 3D particles & dynamics and Speedtree which is extensively used for environmental 3D modeling. With the extensive use of CGI concepts 3D animation> and its learning is fast evolving into something which opens up great avenues to earn big through quality skills in 3D designing. The student gets aware of the intricacies of 3D programming, an understanding of the production pipeline, how to do digital imaging, story, pre-visualization and one essential course topic that is to explore already created animations.

Knowledge of Technicalities

It is about gaining a higher level of the technical specialty of the motion graphics subject matter as more and more aspirants are building up the career in 3D. Anyone who wants the higher level of expertise should first understand the concept behind 3D modeling and how you will be able to create animated scenes in 3D. One should be learning 3D animation along with learning sessions on three stages of bringing a 3D object into life. The first in this scenario is the pre-production stage, and then you can learn about the modeling part, once the modeling is done the rendering of images is taught by the mentors and the post-production learning part takes place.

Reliance Education provides guidance and 3D animation courses that will introduce an aspirant to the basic and core components in 3D and also building a strong foundation so that the learner can take up 3D motion graphic animation as his career. The institute is also offering job oriented free workshop on 3D animation, 2D motion graphics and VFX, in its Noida branch, on Saturdays at 11 AM. Feel free to contact the course coordinator by giving a call at 888-2400-800 or e-mail at relianceaimsnoida@gmail.com .