There can be more questions arising in an aspirant’s mind on how to go ahead with the 3D animation field he or she is so eagerly waiting for a breakthrough. When it comes to 3D animation, it’s important to have the technical skills. Of course, the computer doesn’t create great animations automatically; the animator does. That being said, you’re still going to be in a complex piece of animation software like Maya, so you’ll need to spend the time to learn the software. There is no point in beating about the bush without any formal training in 3D. What you need is a substantial training and in depth knowledge of both 2D and 3D animation programs.

What Technical Skills should I have?

It is important to use the tools first to get familiar with the software that comes in handy to start at the beginner’s level. You will be in need of technical skills and for that you need to check for animation tutorial in Maya or 3Ds Max and start following the basic things in animation and keep practicing until you gain perfection. You should have technical skills in Maya and 3Ds Max.

What is the next Step?

Decide on what path to take which will eventually lead you to your preferred destination. Make sure whether you want to work on animated movies like Pixar and DreamWorks. Other fields like gaming, graphics animation of websites, animation artist of motion graphic and extending it further by merging other concepts and enhancing the overall result of your animation skills. The step taken would require you to learn the fundamentals of animation and not just sticking to one aspect of learning but spreading it further to broaden your knowledge of the subject matter.

Where to Start?

Whether you want to work in movies or games, starting with the basics is the most important step. Read all that gives you a deeper understanding of the subject matter and all that relates to perfect animation that people are excited to see. Each book teaches the core fundamentals of animation from the pioneers who refined it into an amazing art form. Study these over and over and most importantly learn the 12 principles of animation, which are the core techniques for creating great animations. There are books like Timing for Animation, Animator’s survival kit and the illusion of life elucidating the 12 principles.

Where Should I Learn?

Character Animation in Maya, Learning Path Animation in 3D Max, Learning Animation in Softimage teach you more about 3D and these courses are available in all leading animation institutes in and around Delhi-NCR region and especially in Reliance Education Noida.

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