Are you aiming to make a head start in 3D animation? It will help you in developing projects for different fields of business like architecture, television, video gaming development and visual effects. What you need is a substantial training and in-depth knowledge of both 2D and 3D animation programs.

Career in 3D animation

What Kind of Education Do I Need?

There are community colleges and affiliated institutions offering undergraduate certificate and associate degree programs in animation technology. But if you are already working then you can go for part time courses as well with preliminary training in Photoshop, vectoring and 3-D modeling and then go into advance courses. There are both practical and computer lab work with proper training on how to draft story draft, create 2-D animations or drawings and develop characters.

Who is a 3-D Animator?

An animator is a person who has both entry level and advanced knowledge of multimedia, graphics designing and visual effects. The person should have experience in working independently on projects in the various business arena like biomedical, gaming, Information technology, animated moviemaking, visual effects and also be able to sculpt 3D objects and forms. The person will be responsible to create 3D images through standard software, such as Autodesk’s Maya or Adobe’s After Effects. The animator will be an expert in storyboarding, modeling, editing, scene development and working on transparency.

What Is the Job Market Like?

Growth for this profession was anticipated to be affected by the demand for increasingly authentic-looking special effects for video games and animated films. As an entry-level animation technician, you can start with a small amount but then after getting expertise on how to professionally work in a video production company, you can aim higher and also draw a good sum from of your efforts.

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