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Pick Best Courses after 12th for a Bright Career!

Have you passed your 12th recently?

Well, then now it’ high time that you should decide on the best courses after 12th for you!
Courses After 12th
Most of us are unable to choose a high-paying career that will let us live our life happily and we regret over our chosen career afterwards.

The most important thing […]

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Introduction to 3D Game Design Course

3D games have taken the world by storm! They not only offer never-ending fun to the players but take them to a world of imagination from where they don’t want to return in the real world.

Creating games has evolved into what we call now a full-fledged gaming industry. In many countries, with the technological […]

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Top 7 Reasons to Choose a Career in 3D Animation

Animation has been around for a long time, and it has radically improved and changed over the last two decades. Today animation is a blend of art and technology, and we have both 2D as well as 3D animation, which is useful for both entertainment and education.

Animation industry has seen a dramatic growth for the […]

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Top 7 reasons to Choose a Career in Animation

What might be more rewarding than making a career in animation? As the animation industry is progressing at a fast pace, it is unquestionably the most alluring career option in the entertainment industry. With animation films’ getting roaring success worldwide, animation techniques are extensively used far and wide. However, animation is not only used in […]

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5 Top Career Opportunities for Animators

Animation industry has come up to the next level. Really! We all have been a witness to the incessant upsurge of animated movies that has radically changed the level of entertainment. Today, we have many great animators that can breathe life out of caricatured characters to the extent that they seem so real. Nowadays, there […]

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Popular Short Term Job Oriented Courses

In India, a majority of students are hell-bent on pursuing jobs rather than continuing with their higher studies. Since they are bamboozled about opting for the best course in order to kick-start their career, they end up enrolling into the courses that are of no use to them.
But now all their worries come to a […]

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Jurassic Park and the Making of T-Rex- Some VFX Facts

According to VFX supervisor on Jurassic World. “Jurassic Park was a huge leap forward, everyone recognized it. It was a milestone in the switch over to the computer realm.” A movie that brought into life a bygone era that creates havoc when coming into terms with the real world and most obvious meeting humans. The […]

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Top Three Animated Movies with VFX in it

The FICCI KPMG 2015 report of the year 2014 give value to the concept of VFX which was at its highest at 22 percent and adding to it was the post-production at 15 percent, animation production at 9 percent and the services that contribute was 1 percent. These stats are ever since showing a rise […]

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VFX in Disney’s ‘The Jungle Book’

Disney made the Jungle Book with the fantasies coming into light. According to experts, every shot in the movie was like a science project because the team had to figure out how to make things look exact and realistic, per Jon Favreau’s direction. Everything needed to feel like a real shot and a real lens.

The […]

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CGI Concept for Life Like Animations

CGI or computer-generated imagery is commonplace in the world of movies and to make it look real VFX is used that extensively uses the CGI concept. Before going any further it is important to note what CGI actually means. It is everything from characters and images and If not used correctly, then the characters would […]

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